Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teeth Cleaning in a Pinch

Do your summer activities keep you too busy to brush your teeth between every meal?  Well you're in luck!  BrightNow.com has gathered the best remedies for dirty teeth for when you're in a real pinch!

The start of spring often means the start of camping, spring break road trips, and fun travels. But, then that dreaded moment happens when you open up your bags and realize you forgot your toothbrush!

Hopefully you’re nearby a local store to pick one up, but in case you need to clean your teeth in a pinch, there are a few alternatives to make sure your teeth stay as clean as possible in these situations. Here are a few tactics to consider:

•       Swish some water in your mouth for two minutes. Although this won’t necessarily “clean” your teeth, it can help to rinse away large chunks of food that could cause damage if left too long.
•       Saliva is designed to naturally clean your mouth, so think of things that will help produce additional amounts of saliva. For example, chewing on a piece of sugar free gum will help with this process. Added bonus is it can also help freshen your breath!
•       Avoid foods that are high in sugar. If you want a healthy mouth, you should focus on a healthy diet all the time as sugary treats can do some serious damage on your teeth. But, this is especially important when you don’t have access to a toothbrush for an extended period of time.
•       Look around you for other tools that can function as a temporary toothbrush. If you have a paper towel handy, take your finger and wrap the towel around it and move along your teeth in a circular motion, similar to as if you were brushing with a normal toothbrush.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is your actual toothbrush! So, always have an extra one on you for when you travel so you can keep your pearly whites sparkling at all times.

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