Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Benefits of Drinking Through a Straw

It may seem a little weird to drink your coffee with a straw, but did you know that this little change can help alleviate some big dental health concerns?  CastleDental.com has gathered some great benefits of drinking through a straw:
• Stain protection:  Drinking through a straw can help prevent unsightly stains on your teeth from chugging dark-colored beverages like tea and coffee. Using a straw allows you to decrease direct contact with drinks that can stain your teeth.
• Hygiene: Avoid germs from restaurant cutlery or even your own coffee mug by using a straw. This will help limit your exposure to bacteria from other people and handling so that you can enjoy the beverage of your choice, with less germs.
• Reduced Exposure: Sipping through a straw means more control over the food or drink you’re taking in, allowing you to direct the substance away from your teeth. Instead of immersing your teeth in liquid, only a portion of your teeth is exposed to the liquid, which is good news for your smile. Less exposure equals less wear and tear on your enamel.
• Convenience: When you’re out and about, drinking from a straw is much easier than unscrewing a cap or tilting your head back to gulp from a glass.
• Safety: You are reducing your risk of choking by drinking through a straw. It also works as a safety precaution against burning your mouth or tongue on hot beverages because you are sipping a smaller amount.

Do you think you’ll make the switch to using a straw more frequently? Tell us in the comments section below!

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